Let us help you find the vacant property to build your home.
Our Building Company.

D.L. Goodson, Inc. is a builder of new homes in Southeastern Michigan. We are a family operated business with over twenty years of building experience. We will help you throughout the entire process of building the home you want in the location you desire. We offer a variety of services, including assistance in home design, finding property in the area you want, and all aspects in the renovation of existing homes and buildings.
Email: DLGoodsonInc@aol.com  Phone:248-628-1588  Fax: 248-628-8589        
From the purchase of the property you want, to a completed landscaped home, we will work with you in any and all phases of your project.

If you are looking to renovate your existing home we can assist you in any and all aspects of that as well.